Saturday, February 6, 2010

9 Months!

As the stats show, Anna is dropping in percentiles and losing her chub :( Thankfully she still has her cheeks :)
Weight: 19 lbs ~55%
Height: 27.5 in ~50%
Head: 44.25 cm ~55%
It seems like this month has been a big month developmentally for Anna, so I want to document some of her milestones before I forget!

(It's getting harder and harder to get a picture of her sitting still. She is clapping in this one.)

I showed her how to flip the lightswitch so now when she notices one, she whines until I let her flip it.

After weeks of only being able to go in reverse and finding herself stuck under the bed, she can now go forward in an army crawl. Most of the time she prefers to sit in the same spot playing with the same toy. I joke with Brad that I'm not worried about her having ADD because she can focus on one thing for so long!

She has started "talking" a lot more and finally says "ma ma ma". The other day Brad was trying to get her to say da da and she kept saying ma ma. When I try to get her to say ma ma, in her sweetest little voice she babbles says da da da da. Silly girl.

She is starting to feed herself table food and tonight ate everything that was on my plate - penne pasta, chicken, and tomatoes. Part of me is happy because I make her food and this means I won't have to use the food processor as much. Another part of me is sad because she is slowly becoming a toddler.

She has had a doll for about 4 months now, but has just recently taken a liking to her. She gives her hugs and kisses, pats her, and will hold her. Wonder where she gets it from???

(mommy circa 1980)

When she is tired she puts her thumb in her mouth and grabs her ear with her other hand. When we give her Rosie, her lovie, she immediately does this because she knows it is time to sleep. So sweet.

She can pull up on things and likes to cruise, especially in her crib.

The other day, I walked into her room to get her up from her nap and found that she had taken off her diaper! Lucky for me there were no surprises in the diaper. She wears cloth diapers with velcro closures so they are probably easier to take off than disposables. (no picture necessary for this milestone :)

She got her first two teeth this month. They are on the bottom, so she likes to stick her tongue out and run it over them.

She just started putting her arms in the air if we do and then she clapps for herself.