Monday, February 14, 2011

My Loves

This sweet little girl woke up to a Valentine card and chocolates waiting for her on her highchair. I love that her dad is showing her how a girl should be treated from such a young age. He is setting a high standard.

I used to roll my eyes at Valentine's Day, even after I had a steady Valentine. I went along with the notion that it is over commercialized and that celebrating it was not a genuine way to express love for your partner. I think (hope) I have become less cynical over time (for several reasons) and now I look forward to this day. Brad and I never do anything extravagant or spend much money. Instead, I try to come up with something thoughtful to express my love for my husband. While I should do that more often and more spontaneously, Valentine's Day is a good motivator.:)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Snow Day Take Two

Yesterday, we got a few inches of powdery snow and then the sun even came out. We played in the snow again and enjoyed it much more. We marched around making footprints in the snow and then after making one myself, I convinced Anna to lay down and make a snow angel!

Funny story about this next picture...Our little snowman had pretty much melted, so I took off his hat and scarf and threw them on the front porch. When we were walking back inside Anna saw them and said "Snowman, where is it?". I laughed, pointed to our neighbor's snowman who was still standing, and we went inside. :)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2011 Snow Day

Us wimpy Texans have endured 2 days in a row with high temperatures below 20 degrees and we are ready for winter to be OVER! I'll take 100 degrees with 100% humidity over this cold weather any day! We did manage to go outside for about 10 minutes, mainly so that I could document the first snow at our house in Fort Worth. Like last year, Anna wasn't very excited about the snow and started whining when she got it on her mittens (well, actually a pair of socks that we used as mittens).

This snowman is a miniature version of the one we (mainly Brad) made last year because the snow didn't compact as well. Of course, we had to make one since we talked about snowmen all morning, read a snowman book and sang Frosty the Snowman. All that and Anna doesn't look very impressed. :)

For Grandy and Appy

Anna has gone to a few birthday parties lately and now loves to sing the Happy Birthday song. She goes down the list singing the song for just about every family member and friend of hers. I happened to catch her singing to Appy and Grandy for the camera.