Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Post

If I were to pick a theme for this month, it would definitely be pumpkins.  
I decided to combine all our pumpkin related pictures into one big post with way too many pictures.  And yes, the girls are wearing the same outfits in all the pictures, I've washed them several times this month. :)

Our first stop was a pumpkin patch in Burleson with cousins and friends.
 Not sure what sign Haven is flashing??
 Love my sis and this pic of her boys.  Next year another little pumpkin will be added to the family.

Then, we had fun at a pumpkin painting playdate at Ashley and Emilynn's house.

All the little one participated but the three year olds actually painted longer than 30 seconds.
We never pass up a chance to take a picture of these three girls together. 

We also went as a family to my favorite pumpkin patch in Mansfield where Appy and Grandy were able to join us.
I loved the way the sun was shining into the bounce house and attempted some artistic looking shots.  I said attempted.

 Haven was a little timid of the goats at first but quickly warmed up with Grandy's help.
 Anna loved them and was up in their face telling them how cute and sweet they were.
 Appy showed the girls what happens when you pick some grass to feed the goats.
 Anna jumped right onto the horse and insisted on riding it by herself.  Lately, she has been telling me that she wants to be a horse when she grows up.  I thought she was just saying it to be silly one day but its been 2 months now and she is not kidding.  She also wants me to be a dolphin when I grow up. :)
 Haven had no fear either.

 This pic is for Grandpa Gene.

 Note to self: never wait until 8:30 at night and you are leaving to take a family pumpkin patch picture.  I want to remember the reality of life with a 1 and 3 year old, so I included these pics.  It was actually pretty funny in the moment. 

 Sorry honey, you better get used to this kind of drama!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Lil' Liza Joy

 This precious face entered the world on August 16th.
Shortly after she was born, the doctors discovered she had aortic stenosis.
To make a long story short, she had to have surgery when she was less than two weeks old to open her aortic valve.  
There will probably be more surgeries in her future, but she is doing well now and is just as sweet as can be.
 We got to spend some time with her this week when Aunt Sandy brought three members of her crew to ride the train.
As you can see from the pics below, Liza was definitely the center of attention. 
Each baby girl added to our family is a special blessing!
I never want to take for granted the time these cousins have to grow up together.
  It hit me that when school starts next year, Nalani and Lucas will be in kindergarten, so they won't be able to meet up on these kind of playdates.  
The year after that, it will be Anna.  
Just a reminder of how fleeting childhood is and how I want to let my girls enjoy it as long as possible.  
There will be a time for practices, lessons, games, performances and homework but for now it is just time to play!