Tuesday, June 12, 2012

First Day

My sweet girl had a big day today.  She started at one day a week mother's day out and went to her first ballet class that is at her school.  She was really excited about both since we have been talking it up for the last month.
 Thank goodness for youtube.  I was able to get tips on making a bun.  If she sticks with dance, I have a feeling I'll be referring to a lot of hair and makeup videos!
 I was so proud of her as she walked in with a smile on her face and such confidence.

 This is her sweet teacher, Mrs. Warner. 
When I came to get her, the first words out of her mouth were "I was crying for you!".  The teacher smiled and said she did amazing for her first day.  Then she explained that Anna only started crying for me when she didn't want to do something the teacher asked.  The teacher asked me if Anna had older siblings because she was very interested in what the older kids (4 year olds) were doing.  Although she didn't come out and say it, I think Anna was bothering a certain little girl and the teacher tried to redirect Anna to do something else.  That is when she started crying for mama.  This didn't surprise me at all because that is how my little buddy is with me all day long. :)  In future job interviews when they ask that question about whether you work better in a group or individually, she will definitely have to say in a group!  "School" is going to be good for her and I'm glad I waited until we were both ready. :)

While Anna was as school, Haven and I went to a Musikgarten class that all three of us had been going to.  I was looking forward to having one on one time with Haven and the ease of only one of them on my lap.  Part of me also felt like it was only fair since Anna and I went to music classes together a year before Haven was born.

After class, I was thinking about it and felt like Haven was somewhat distracted and not quite as interested as she was when Anna was there.  I also thought about how I missed hearing Anna's little voice sing during class or the way she would go and get the instruments and always bring one to Haven.  I've known in my head that although Haven doesn't get as much attention from Brad and I as Anna did, she gets the benefits of a sibling.  I guess today was just the first time that I really saw that played out.  It made me even happier that they have each other and freed up a little mom guilt too.  It also made me that much more thankful for this precious time I have with Anna while she still wants to sit in my lap! 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Celebrating My Nieces

 Lucky me, I have a nieces due in June, July and August!  Lucky for Anna and Haven to get even more girl cousins!  

In April, we went to a shower for Helen who is due with baby Jeri Anne in July.
 My brother and his girls, Jenna and Helen.
Helen's sweet friend Shea did an amazing job with the decorations and food and has the two cutest little girls who kept Haven entertained.
 Helen is a fun mom and isn't afraid to be silly (something her and Michael have in common)!
 All the proud auties and grandmas with Helen.
 My brother told me that before they ever had the sonogram, he knew in his heart he was going to have a little girl.  He is the youngest in our family and grew up with two older sisters so he has always been outnumbered and I joke that he has three moms.  He is sensitive and loving, traits that will help him to be a great father to his baby girl.  I am excited to see the plans that God has for this precious life. 

A few weeks ago we got to sprinkle Courtney with some love as she prepares for Maggie Elizabeth. 
 What a good excuse to get pedicures!
The proud grandmas.  Brad's mom enjoyed her first pedicure!

 We went with a baby feet theme since we were getting pedicures and Sandy came up with these cute treats.

 Brad's mom had just gotten back from being overseas and finished this beautiful blanket. 

 We all wrote a note to little Maggie with blessings and wishes for her.  

What a sweet family Maggie has waiting for her!  She is going to enter the world tomorrow and I can't wait to meet her and hold a tiny baby!

I'm also looking forward to the next celebration for my niece who is due on my birthday in August!