Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Stockings & 2011 Goals

I love reading other blogs to get ideas, inspiration and even encouragment. I came across this blog with a great idea for both a Christmas and New Year's tradition that we started this year. Before we packed our Christmas decorations away, we wrote a list of our goals for the next year and slipped them into our stockings. It will be fun to open them up next Christmas to see how well we met our goals (or to laugh at what we wrote down). I'll admit, I kind of like making goals in this way because it makes us think about what we would like to achieve, but doesn't carry the pressure of a New Year's Resolution.

Some of my goals that I am willing to share are:
  • Run a half-marathon sometime after the baby comes
  • Keep up with the blog
  • Memorize scripture (I'm following the Colossians in a Year Plan by Ann Voskamp and have actually stuck with it so far - it is not too late if you want to join in!)
  • Pray more regularly for my husband

Some of Anna's Goals

  • Become potty-trained
  • Start to memorize scripture
  • Be the best big sister in the world to her baby sister

We even made some simple goals for Baby Sissy too. Can't wait to open these stocking stuffers next year!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sugar and Spice

In case you haven't already heard...we are having another girl! When I found out, I got tears in my eyes because I was so excited for my little girls to
experience the special bond of sisterhood. I can't imagine my life without my sister (or my brother)! I immediately got visions of coordinating Easter and Christmas dresses, hearing giggles coming from their room long after the lights have been turned off and of course, heated fights over sharing each other's clothes once they reach the teenage years.

Since I am going to a birthing center my appointments are a little more relaxed than the busy doctor's office (it was busy because she is one of the best OB's in town) I went to last time. Brad, Anna and I got to lay on a queen size bed and watch the baby on the screen. The sonogram tech explained everything he was showing us and answered all our questions. When he told us the baby was a girl, he looked at Brad and said "I see you have dark hair...I used to have hair that color but it has turned white since having three girls!".

Later that day, Anna and I went and picked out a new outfit for Baby Sissy (what we are calling her until we decide on her real name).

And for those of you who haven't seen me lately, here I am at 22 weeks.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

20 Months!

Notice her baby is now in the picture. Anna has gotten more attached to her and keeps her close by most of the time. The other day she had her in the cart at the grocery store. We saw another little girl about Anna's age coming down the aisle. I said "Can you say Hi to the girl?" and Anna said "Hi, girl" then added "my baby" and moved the baby to the other side of the cart away from the the girl. Mind you the other little girl was posing no threat and I don't even think she had looked at Anna's baby.

I would say the biggest development in these last few months has been Anna's vocabulary. It is fun because she is able to communicate with us and we can actually carry on simple conversations. She is starting to become a little external processor, describing everything she does and sees. Both Brad and I are more of internal processors so it will be interesting to see if Anna stays so chatty. Could make for an interesting dynamic between the two of us. :)

Lately, she has become a bit more clingy and often wants me to pick her up and hold her when I am in the middle of something (the picture is of her reaching up to me). I think she realizes she is becoming more independent but likes to check in with mommy for reassurance. Most of the time, I don't mind.

She loves to climb on Brad and horseplay and she tries to do it with me when he is not around. Sorry little girl, there is only so much this pregnant momma is up for.

She has finally stopped eating crayons and will doodle with them for a few minutes at a time. I am loving these crayon rocks because they are so much easier for her to hold.

She used to hate the towel to be on her head, but now she loves it and runs around with it on her after bathtime.

The girl LOVES to read (flip through) her Jesus Storybook Bible and it is by far her favorite book right now. She brings it to me throughout the day to read to her and I also often find her reading it in her room. Usually, I hide the books that I am tired of reading over and over but it is the Bible so I can't do that! I pray she always has such a love for the Word!

Since she has gotten picky about eating fresh fruit, sometimes after her nap we make smoothies. She calls them milkshakes and loves to get to drink out of a straw in a big cup just like mommy. I really enjoy this time with her and the other day, it made me think of a day when we will sit and share a cup of tea as mother and daughter and as friends.

Lastly, I'll let her tell you what she is learning these days: