Sunday, August 10, 2014

11 Months!

This month it has been fun to see some of the sibling dynamics start to come out!  You definitely like to be where the girls are and have started to get into their stuff.  This has made games, puzzles, play-doh, painting, Lego's and other things a challenge.
 They find ways to get back at you...
 There are some really sweet moments too.  I love it when I find the three of you playing right next to each other when you could be spread out over whole house.  You came up with a fun little game we like to call Monster Baby and it makes all of us laugh.  The girls like to lay on the floor and you walk over to them with your arms in the air then you fall down on them and do it over and over while they scream and giggle.
I love the water and want you to love it too!  This summer it was hard for me to take 3 little ones to play in water.  We mainly went to splash pads, but did get to the pool a few times.  You weren't the biggest fan...this will have to change. :)  Actually, you did like the water but only if I was holding you very close. 
  You love to empty the cabinets and then climb into them.  The girls would pull things out, but they never climbed in.  It is funny because I remember seeing pictures of my brother at the same age playing in the cabinets.  I'm just glad you have found ways to entertain yourself while I make dinner!
I never want to forget this chubby little baby boy in his diaper peacefully sucking his right thumb in the safety of his crib.