Wednesday, November 24, 2010

UT Game

A couple weeks ago we headed down to Austin to relive our college days and attend a football game. Of course, we bought the tickets before we knew how bad this season was going to be, but the atmosphere of a UT game is fun no matter what.

It was especially fun because my college roommate, Cara, and her husband came down from New York and we got to hang out with them. Cara, Brad, and I were in a group at UT that went to all the football games together...such fun memories. In the 12 years that I have been going to games, I have NEVER seen so many empty seats! The highlight of the game was watching the Longhorn Band.

While we were in Austin, we tried out some of the food trailers we've been hearing so much about. These have gotten really popular since we left Austin and I love the concept. It gives the opportunity for all of the creative foodies in Austin to start up their own restaurants without having to take on massive debt.

The first one we tried was Torchy's Tacos. The tacos were gourmet and the queso was excellent, but don't expect fast service. That is just part of South Austin culture.

For dessert, we had cake balls from Holy Cacao which were delicious.

Our favorite mobile food vendor was Franklin Barbeque. We got to talk to the owner for a long time and he told us how he started by using friends as guinea pigs to try all of his recipes. Pretty soon, his backyard bar-b-que parties got so big that he had to get parking permits. He bought an old trailer and a smoker, fixed them up himself, and had his dad help him make picnic tables. Now he has a line of sometimes up to 60 people waiting to get his bar-b-que. You have to be quick because he is only open from 11 until the food is gone. Some of the best bar-b-que and sauce we have ever tried!

On the way home I said to Brad, "Maybe is is better we don't live in Austin...we would probably spend too much money going out to eat!".

Emma Jane

My newest niece was born on November 2nd weighing in at 7 lbs. 14 oz. and was 20.5 in. long. This is my fourth niece and the third one in the last 3 years. I see many slumber parties with the cousins in our future! Emma is so precious, sweet, and little. I know Anna was once her size but honestly can't imagine it without looking at pictures. Anna loves babies right now and will randomly say "Baby Emma" when she is thinking about her.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

18 Months!

This little girl is still growing up quicker than I would like but I feel like the milestones aren't coming quite as quickly and I get to enjoy each of them a little longer. She continues to bring so much joy to our home every single day. Here are some examples:

She was a bunny for Halloween and ever since, anytime the words bunny rabbit are mentioned she runs around saying "bunny rabbit" looking for her costume. Then, often times she starts saying "jumping" and heads for our bed (cute now, but this will have to stop at some point:).

She is my little shadow and wants to be where ever I am, doing whatever I am doing (poor thing needs a sibling). I've decided to embrace these moments and use them as opportunities to teach her, in hopes that she will take over some of these chores one day. :)

She loves loading the dryer.

She has to be up at the counter while I am making dinner and pushes the stool over all by herself.

She loves to pretend talk on the phone. Multiple times a day she will pick up the phone, say "hewow" and start babbling about who knows what.

She loves to see other children when we are out and if she is in a friendly mood will wave and say "hi boy" or "hi girl". The other day we went to the Veteran's Day Parade in Fort Worth and there was a 3 year old girl next to us. Anna started by waving and telling her hi, then started touching her soft jacket, and then reached over and held the girl's hand. Melt. My. Heart. Never loose this love for others little girl.