Thursday, March 24, 2011

Glen Rose Getaway

A couple weekends ago, Brad and I had a chance to getaway for a few days for a babymoon as well as to celebrate Brad's birthday and our upcoming 7th anniversary. We stayed in a quiet little cabin on the Paluxy River in Glen Rose, which is about an hour from Fort Worth. It was a laid back, peaceful and relaxing time...just what we needed!

It was really nice to not have any distractions (no TV, no laptop, etc.) so that we could be intentional during our time together and reconnect in a sense. Seven years of marriage isn't that long, but it is long enough to realize that it takes effort at times, especially after a little one enters the scene.

One night we played Scrabble and during Brad's last turn, the word he spelled was Haven. This is significant because Haven was on the top of my list of names for our baby girl. I looked up at Brad with a big surprised smile thinking it was a sign or something. He proceeded to tell me that after much thought (up until that point he hadn't suggested any names and would just say that he needed more time to think about it), he also wanted to name her that and gave his reasons why. He told me that during the whole game he was trying to get all the letters to spell Haven and had to cheat a little at the end to do it...I thought it was such a sweet, thoughtful way to tell me. We are praying that Haven will be a safe place and a comfort to those around her. We feel that others will be drawn to her because of this. Still working on a middle name.:)

Our last stop before we made it home was to buy Brad some cowboy boots for his birthday. He has been wanting some ever since we moved to Fort Worth and even said he might want a hat next (what?!?).

Thank you Gigi for taking such good care of our little one! Funny...after you left, she has been asking for Lucky Charms for breakfast every morning.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Fun

Anna and I have been trying to take advantage of the spring weather and these last few months as just the two of us by getting outside every chance we get. I call her my little buddy because whereever I go, she goes. It has been such a sweet time easing into motherhood with Anna. While part of me will miss the simplicity of raising one child, I am truly looking forward to all that this new little baby girl will bring to our family.

We got a zoo membership since we live less than 10 minutes from one of the best zoos in the country. Before I put Anna down for a nap the other day, I told her we were going to the zoo once she woke up. As soon as I opened the door to get her up, she screamed "ZOO!" and started rattling off the names of all the animals. A child's excitement is so contagious! (I know the glasses in the picture make her look like such a geek, but they are the only ones she will keep on her face!)

We have been going to several playgrounds in the area and Anna has gained so much confidence. She no longer wants me to hold her hand as she goes down the slide and when she does something on her own exclaims "I did it by self!".

She LOVES playing with her girl cousins and was giddy during the entire 35 min. drive to see them the other day. While we were playing in the backyard, they all wanted to sit on soccer balls. Considering all the soccer players on the Bruce side of the family, I see some level of soccer in our future.

Gotta love the dollar bins at Target where we got this sidewalk chalk.

I put her in a bathing suit for the first time this season and she kept pulling at it and looking for her tummy. She finally managed to get to it so she could suck her thumb and rub her belly button at the same time. Sorry daddy, but I think she might have to get a two piece this year. :)

Since we moved to Fort Worth, Anna had made a new little friend named Andrew who she plays so well with. His mom was also pregnant so we were meeting up for walks and playtime for the kids. Sadly for me, I lost my walking partner this week because Lauren just had her little girl, Lily! It will be fun to get together with all 4 kiddos in a couple months.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Last Trip to H-Town

At least for awhile...because my sister and her family are moving to Fort Worth! Kinda crazy how it all happened but in just a few weeks they will live only about 15 min. from us. I remember how we used to talk about having kids at the same time and living close so the cousins could grow up together. We managed to have babies close in age but have been living 4 hours away from each other for the last few years. I'm thankful to God for making this possible and will enjoy this season of life for as long as it lasts! From the pictures below you can tell how much Anna loves her Lucas and Marcus.

Back to our trip to Houston...we decided to make one more trip down so that I could visit a good friend and spend time with my dad.

Just a few days after this picture, Vanessa and John welcomed little Truitt into the world! It has been fun to be pregnant with so many friends but one by one, they are all having their babies. I feel like I am the last one!

I love outdoor playspaces at restaurants (we definitely need more in Fort Worth). Parker had to be bribed with a lollipop to get close to Anna for a picture but they sure look cute together.

As with most new things, Anna was cautious about playing in the big sandbox. First she stood back and observed, then she sat on the concrete at the edge and played, within a few minutes she was in the middle and covered in sand. Love how her hair curled up in the Houston humidity.

Grandpa Gene enjoyed time with all three of his grandbabies.

Giving fives!