Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Owl-o-ween!

What kind of blogging mom would I be if I didn't have a post of my lil' pumpkin in a pumpkin patch! Anna has really taking a liking to owls so that is what she wanted to be :). Here are some photos from the last week of Halloween festivities:

Friday mom's group.

I've been inspired to be a little more crafty lately, so I made owl cupcakes for mom's group and pumpkin muffins for a baby shower.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Lucas Turned 2

This past weekend we went down to Houston for cousin Lucas' 2nd birthday. The theme was circles, so all the food was cut into circles and the kids had fun playing with bubbles and balloons while the adults embarrased themselves trying to hula hoop. It seems like just yesterday little Lucas came into the world, and now two years later my sister has another baby and I have one of my own. Time is flying...

Sweet Boys

Lucas wearing the John Deere boots we game him (this was the best pic I could get before he took them off:).

Me with the little bald cousins.

Anna with her Gigi. A lady at the party told Gigi that Anna looked like her and that made her day.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Milk Power

To all current and future breastfeeding mommies: please consider donating to your local mother's milk bank! My local milk bank makes it really easy to become a donor and will even send you free containers to store your milk in. The hospital I drop my milk off at uses 30 bottles a day for babies who are premature, failing to thrive, or have other diseases or deficiencies. I look at it as a way for Anna and I to give back since she is such a healthy baby.

I always knew that I wanted to breastfeed, but since having a baby I've learned even more about the amazing benefits. For example, did you know that long-term breastfeeding can promote the development of a well-shaped jaw allowing for straighter teeth (of course Anna's thumbsucking may offset that benefit :)! These benefits aren't just coincidences, I believe our Creator designed the perfect system for a baby and mommy to thrive together. I guess you could say I have become somewhat of a lactivist (yes, that is an actual word)!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

5 Months!

So, Little Precious (my current nickname for her, although Brad doesn't like it b/c it reminds him of Gollum from LOTR) turned 5 months. She is starting to sit up on her own, found her feet, has become so interactive, and sometimes mimics what we do. In the evenings, Brad and I just sit and watch her and play with her. The other day we were like “who needs T.V. or movies or other forms of entertainment when we have her!"

I feel like this is the last month that she will be a baby baby. You know what I mean, soon her gummy smile will start to sprout little white teeth, she will begin to mobilize, and in a month will enter the world of solid foods. All exciting things...I am just trying to enjoy her as she is in every moment I get to spend with her!

Monthly picture in the chair.
I just had to post a pic of her in this dress b/c it is one of my favorite outfits.

Her first pair of Levi's... I think it is so cute when babies wear jeans b/c they look like little grown-ups.

A foot...her new favorite toy.

Here is Anna mimicking me waving my hand. Just a few minutes before this video, we were eating popcorn in front of her and she started chewing even though she has never eaten anything. We weren't fast enough to get that one on video and she doesn't do these things on cue.

Don't ask how we figured out that Anna thought it was so funny when I hit Bun Bun...I couldn't tell ya.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Sweet Grandma Mary

Recently we went to visit my sweet grandma who isn't feeling so good these days. She is 93 years old and until recently was walking on her own with better posture than me! She is weaker now and in a wheelchair, but she never complains. The reality of her aging body is beginning to set in for me. I'm so thankful she was able to meet Anna...seeing her great-grandbabies brought big smiles to her face.

I love this picture of little Anna with her great-grandma!

This is a 4 generation picture that I will cherish.