Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Chop, Chop

 I knew with two girls it was only a matter of time.  I knew one day they would cut their own hair or cut the other's hair.  One evening, I left the girls coloring in the kitchen while I put Caleb down for the night.  I was enjoying some nice quiet time with him when I realized that I hadn't heard the girls in awhile.  As any parent knows, that usually isn't a good sign.  

Sure enough when I turned the corner, I saw big chunks of hair on the floor and Haven basically no longer had bangs.  I guess Anna had observed me trim Haven's bangs enough and decided they were getting a little long.  Don't worry, she was using kids scissors.  Thankfully most of Haven's hair was in a ponytail, otherwise she could have ended up with a bob.  Her hair also grows superfast and looked fine again within a few weeks!  

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Just Mom and Me Having Tea

A couple months after Caleb was born, I noticed that my sweet oldest girl needed some extra one on one time.  I wanted to do something intentional and when came across this book, I decided to go through it with Anna while her siblings took naps.  We have done it three times and not at any regularity (like I originally planned), but Anna just lights up when we sit down to do it together.  I recently heard a mom of grown kids say that they will remember the times that you did special things and will not think back on those memories feeling like you should have done those things more often.  That was a freeing thought to me! 
 I got tears in my eyes when I read this on the first page "Seeing myself as being someone special takes clear thinking.  I can't be full of pride over who I am, but God's love does set me apart.  And I'm learning that if I know I'm special in God's sight, my daughter will follow in my footsteps".  I guess it just struck a chord in me because I've struggled with believing God's love for me and that is something I never want Anna (or Haven and Caleb) to question.  One gift of parenting is how redeeming it can be.

5 Months!

 Another month with a little boy in our home has flown by.  He continues to light up our house with big smiles - his and ours.
 He found a little buddy and is always so happy to see him.
  He also found his feet and toes.  They are usually covered up since it has been so cold.  He loves to grab them when they aren't.
 Time for the bumbo.  Build those core muscles!

Anna is really good at entertaining him and interacting with him (sometimes a little too good :)).  When he wakes up, she will run to his crib and read or sing songs to him.  I have to admit, it can be nice to give me a little more time before I have to get him out.
 Poor bubba got another respiratory infection and we had a very rough week.  It included one trip to the ER and a couple trips to the pediatrician's office along with several phone calls and some sleepless nights for mommy.  Breathing rates of 80 breaths per minute are scary!  Praying his lungs fully heal and he can stay well for the next several months.
  I hardly put him down for about a week, but what a privilege it was to nurse his little body back to health.
 These adorable pictures of Brad taken around 4/5 months inspired a little photo shoot with Caleb.  You can see where he gets his good looks!
 He is pretty content to just hang out on his back on the floor, but can now roll both ways when he wants to.  Lots of developmental milestones this month!