Tuesday, January 15, 2013

One and a Half

 I just wanted to jot down a few things about my baby girl that I want to remember from this time.
I realized while putting this post together that I need to try to get more shots of her by herself!  In my defense, she doesn't normally like to stay still long enough when I have my camera out.
-she is silly! initiates little games like chase.will take something over to anna and act like she is handing it to her then run off. makes silly noises during meal time to try to steal some attention away from her talkative sister.
-her love language is touch.  loves to be rocked for a little bit with her blankets and then patted.  sometimes when i am reading her a book she touches and rubs my hands.  she also likes to touch my face and say "gentle mama" (she went through a face where she thought it was funny to hit my face and i kept telling her to be gentle).  gives us all tons of hugs and kisses.
-a good eater overall.  eats most anything and finishes what is in front of her a majority of the time.
-loves books, will sit on my lap for a long time and read. always says more, more. 

-loves little songs.  her current favorites are wheels on the bus, heigh ho, Jesus loves the little children (however, does not like Jesus loves me and yells no when i start to sing it) and i want a hippopotamus for christmas.  she gets me to sing them for her, especially when she is stalling at bedtime.

-has had 4 ear infections so far. i'm concerned she may have fluid in her middle ear so have scheduled an appointment with and ENT.  i was also concerned that this may be contributing to a delay in her speech.  while she is still a little behind, she has started talking which is encouraging.  this has really helped to cut down on some of her screaming!  she is starting to put two words together and her increased communication has really helped her and anna to interact more.

-likes animal books, stuffed animals and loves to make all the animal sounds.  she wasn't saying words for the longest time but was doing animal sounds.  the cutest is her rooster - da-da-da-da-do!

-after she dropped her morning nap, the girls got into a good sleeping rythym.  they sleep about the same amount at night since haven takes a nap during the day and anna doesn't. 
-they love sharing a room and giggle at night and in the morning.  they will be content for awhile after they wake up which is nice.  i used to have to sprint into their room to grab a screaming haven before she woke up anna.  when haven wakes up from her naps, she immediately starts asking for anna since she is used to her being there when she wakes up in the mornings.  sharing a room was not always easy, but i feel like it is really paying off now.

-you have hit a phase of separation anxiety which is new for you.  you have always been fairly independent and not cried when i've left you.  of course, i love that i can comfort you so quickly!  you usually cry and cling to me when i drop you and anna off at the ymca.  the last time i took you, you ran right in, turned away from me and sat down.  i thought this was a major breakthrough and you were more comfortable.  i glanced back at you before i left and you turned to look at me.  you had tears in your eyes and your bottom lip was trembling but you were trying not to cry.  it was like you were trying to be strong for me.  sweet girl, i think you will be a strong woman of God.
-will sit for long periods of time to play with puzzles. especially loves this bear puzzle from Uncle Michael and Helen...plays with it every single day.
-loves her Ft Worth cousins and calls them Marc-Marc and Wuke-Wuke just like Anna did.
18 Month Stats
Weight ~ 29 lbs. 10 oz.
Height ~ 34.5 in.
This little girl is so full of love and we have just as much love for her!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A White Christmas with the Bruces!

We started off the celebrating with Aunt Sandy telling the the children the Christmas story with the Little People Nativity.
They were all so attentive and engaged!
Shortly after that, we noticed there were huge snowflakes outside and because we live in Texas, thought we had to hurry and run outside to see the snow before it went away.
When these girls came back inside, Grandy asked them if they wanted to eat or open presents.  
They excitedly exclaimed "OPEN PRESENTS!" and began chanting it.
And so the chaos began...
 Lil' Liza Joy was safe from all the craziness while playing in her daddy's lap.
Unfortunately, Billy's crew was sick and not able to make it.  
Billy stopped by to drop off the gifts and we were able to Facetime with Courtney and Emma.  
Courtney made these soft, adorable blankets for the girls and right after they opened them, they laid down on them.  
I'm glad she got to see their reactions to the gifts she put some much love and effort into.
Then we got to eat!  Somehow Grandy is still able to fit us all at the same table.  
She made some cute Cornish Game Hens which I thought was a festive main dish to have instead of turkey or ham.
We were all surprised that the snow kept coming and accumulating on the ground, so the kids went back out in it for a few minutes.
In the past, Anna hasn't been a big fan of snow but with her cousins anything is more fun.
Appy has been feeding a flock of cardinals right outside his kitchen window for years.  
I loved seeing the contrast of their bright red feathers again the pure white snow.  
What a gift of beauty we got this Christmas!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Eve and Morning at Our House

 On Christmas Eve we went to the candlelight service and it was beautiful until hot wax dripped on Anna and I had to run out with her screaming in my arms.
 When we got back home Uncle Michael and his family showed up!
 Anna really loves holding babies and was so sweet with Jeri Anne.  
She recently told me she is going to have 5 babies and 5 carseats. :)
 We ate the traditional tamale (if the second year in a row makes something traditional) dinner and this picture shows the best part of the meal - Chuys Creamy Jalapeno dressing. 
  Then we opened a few presents and went to bed anticipating the morning to come.  
She was so happy to get this puppy and was hugging it in the box.
 When we woke up Christmas morning I think the girls might have been more excited that Jeri Anne was there then they were about presents.
 This was the first time Haven has shown much interest in a baby.  
She got right on the floor to play with her and when she was crying upstairs Haven was pacing the house saying baby.
 Love Jeri Anne's expression - she may have started to get a little annoyed with all the attention.
 We sang happy birthday to Jesus.
 And opened a few more presents.
 A dollhouse was the big gift this year and kept us (mainly Brad) up late for the second Christmas Eve in a row.  
It was worth it because they each picked a side and played for a long time.
 We got dressed, took a few quick pictures and headed off to Brad's parents house.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Scenes From Our December

 This was the first year to take the girls to see Santa and it went down exactly as I expected.
Haven was crying before she even got near him.  
It is funny because somewhere I have almost the exact picture of my sister and I when we were similar ages.  
Anna was a little cautious but warmed up and told Santa she wanted a cat.  
I guess Santa ran out of room on his sleigh for that one!
 They were both much happier eating a cookie in the mall.
We also made sugar cookies one night...
 And decorated them the next morning.


 We attempted our first gingerbread house and it actually stayed together.
  By far, their favorite activity from December 1st to the 25the was the Advent calendars!  

Every morning one of them got to hang a birdhouse on the tree.
 And every evening at bedtime, the other one got to open the Advent box and get out the figurine that went with the bible story for that night.  
After their pajamas were on, they would both run to the calendar to see what was in it.  
They traded off each day and Anna was always quick to remind me of whose turn it was.
I love that this was naturally their favorite activity and the one most focused on the reason we celebrate Christmas.