Friday, July 29, 2011

Shamu's House

Last weekend we made the trip down to San Antonio to go to Sea World. I knew it would be ridiculously hot and ridiculously crowded but wanted to go there before my mom moves in August. Eventhough it was hot and crowded, we had so much fun. Anna had been anticipating this trip for weeks since we watched Shamu on youtube (over and over!) and checked out books from the library about whales and dolphins.
I loved being able to use my double BOB stroller that I found on craigslist. I told Brad I kinda liked how everyone moves out of your way as you go through crowds because it is so wide. :)
My favorite attraction was feeding the dolphins. My sister told us to do it right when we got there because they get so full by the end of the day. They swam right up to us! And Anna dropped the fish in their mouths.
Another highlight was the Shamu show. I love watching Anna's reactions to things. She was so focused and observant during the whole show, she didn't want to miss a thing.
She also got excited during some parts. Here she is making the motion for Shamu to splash the audience.
Daddy really wanted to get her a stuffed Shamu since she loved it so much. She immediately started making it do flips and jumps.
This sweet baby never made a peep and did this most of the time.
When she wasn't sleeping, her Gigi was holding her.
As we were leaving, Anna even let Haven hold her Shamu.

This week, Anna has been telling me that she wants to go back to Shamu's house. :)

Monday, July 25, 2011

6 2 Months!

This little girl couldn't be any sweeter and she is helping to give her mommy buff arms! My 2 month old is the size of an average 6 month old, according to her pediatrician. I have noticed that since she is such a chubby baby, strangers (mainly older women) can't resist reaching out and touching her. I think it is sweet because her chubby cuteness brings a smile to their faces. One of my favorite nicknames for her is Havenito which is funny because she isn't very "ito". :)

Her 2 month stats:
Height: 25.75 in.
Weight: 16 lbs. 6 oz.
Head: 41 cm.

Lately she has been:

Hanging out in the bumbo. Did you know the bumbo was invented by a grandpa in South Africa?
Looking cute in a bathing suit as we try to stay cool this summer.
Sleeping about 8 hours a night since I have started swaddling her. Anna HATED being swaddled and slept fine without it so that is why I haven't swaddled Haven until recently. Slowly, I'm beginning to realize that what worked for the first baby won't necessarily work for the second. :)
Carried around in my Beco all the time. I love carrying her around in this so I can use both arms and I also love looking down at this sweet face.

Cooing and smiling at us during her awake periods. (I tried posting a video but it kept failing so I will get one up later.)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sister Love

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. ~Marion C. Garretty

I chose this quote because I have found it to be true in my own life (I could substitute the word with brother as well). If these first eight weeks are any indication of the type of bond these girls will have, I predict they will be the best of friends. It thought the newness of Haven would have worn off by now, but Anna still can't get enough of her. I was telling a friend today that I was thinking of buying Anna a couple of new toys, but there was no point because she has little interest in anything but Haven.

When I bring Haven into Anna's room to get her out of her crib in the morning, Anna ALWAYS asks if Haven can get in big sissy's crib.
Smothering Haven with kisses.
Brushing her hair. Anna told me it was tangled.
Often says "I want to go see Haven" and is so tempted to wake her up if she finds her asleep.
Makes sure Haven has a pacifier in her mouth at all times, whether she wants it or not!

As you can tell from the following pictures, sweet Haven is learning patience from a very young age.
I wouldn't want a praying mantis or a killer bee on me either!
As you can see, Anna likes to put things on Haven. Even her two special lovies, Rosie and Pinkie. I hope this is a sign that she is going to share with her sister in the future. :)

I do really love how she wants to include Haven in everything she does. Here is a conversation we had yesterday in the car:
A: Mommy, do you see the workers? (she always points out construction workers and we talk about their hardhats, what they are building, etc.)
Me: Yes honey, I see them.
A: When I get bigger, I'm gonna be a worker. (pause) And Haven is too.
Me: That is so sweet that you want to be a worker with your sister!

My pretty babies before church one morning. Thanks Aunt Karri for the matching dresses!

I think Anna loves that she has a captive audience. And by captive, I mean isn't able to escape.:) She loves "teaching" Haven everything she knows. In this video, she is telling Haven about the animals on her mobile and her lovies that she is sharing.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fort Worth Children's Museum

I have a feeling we are going to get to know this place pretty well. It is such a fun place to go explore, discover, create, pretend and play. Not to mention it is air conditioned. :)

She loved any activity that allowed her to pretend to do things that mommy does. Like grocery shopping. How flattering.
The hospital was by far her favorite play area and where she wanted to hang out the longest. Every parent wants their kid to be a doctor. Let's be honest, I'm no exception. I'm just was her favorite activity. Ha, ha!
Giving the baby a shot and then comforting her. Can you tell she had just gone to her baby sister's 1 month checkup?
Off to an emergency in the ambulance with Lucas and Marcus.

There was an entire room with black lights and light brights, including this giant size light bright board. I love that in this high-tech day and age, the light bright is still a popular toy!
Digging for dinosaur bones. Poor thing just couldn't resist throwing the sand and had to take a little time out.
Haven getting cuddle time with Aunt Karri. I love how she always wants to hold her so I can get a little break!
Seems like these boys would like a little sister, don't you think?

Friday, July 8, 2011

The 4th

Supercute printable that you can get here.

So true! There is no place I would rather live (even more specifically, Texas)! We had another fun fourth at Uncle Billy and Aunt Courtney's house. Funny, looking at the pictures it appears to have been a nice, laid-back time lounging around the pool. In reality, I was in and out of the pool multiple times changing multiple children multiple times, making sure they were fed and trying to document some of it for this little blog that records our memories! Ha! Fun times none the less.

My little patriotic babies.

It felt like deja vu seeing Haven in this outfit and putting her in the pool for the first time. Here is Anna exactly 2 years ago.

Our family of 4 on the fourth.

Cute cousins

The hostess with the mostess and her little mini-me a.k.a. cousin Emma.