Thursday, July 10, 2014

10 Months!

 This month has been all about really starting to explore your world and eating a ton to give you the energy for it!  You have taken off and are pulling up everywhere.  I found out that you could climb the stairs by finding you playing at the top of them one day!  Thank God for guardian angels among us! (Don't worry baby gates are up and being used now) 
You also really love cords like your cousin third child boys!
You eat and eat and eat and just keep going until I eventually have to cut you off...this makes daddy so proud.
You have started showing more interest in books...this makes mommy so proud. You hand (throw) them to me and will turn the pages as I read to you on my lap.  Of course, you still love to chew on them too.
We are all treasuring these last couple months of you being a baby!

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