Saturday, September 20, 2014

12 Months!

As much as I wanted to keep it from happening, my little boy turned ONE!  As the girls like to tell me, "that is how God designed us and he is supposed to grow up so he can be a daddy one day".  I know, I know and I'm going to treasure that day when it comes...for now, I'm soaking up these little years.  

Holding up a ONE on your last day as an 11 month old.
 Within one week, three different people - your pediatrician, an elderly man on an airplane and your Uncle Billy - said you had such a "sweet/good temperment".  You really do and I have even thought that if I could clone you, I would have one more baby. HA!  You are pretty content most of the time, you are curious and exploratory, but not too hyper, you make noises and squeal, but don't shriek, you pound and bang, but don't break things, you are just a delight.
 You are our only baby who will sit still in our laps for long periods of time.  Daddy LOVES that you will just chill in the recliner with him and watch football.  It has become a Sat. afternoon tradition already.
 You rode on an airplane for the first time and stayed awake and active during the entire almost 3 hour flight.  You were loving all the attention and seeing all the new faces around you.
 Since Anna had been in school, I've been able to see you and Haven's friendship grow as your interactions have increased.  If this picture is any indication, you are going to grow up to be such a patient and loving man...bless your heart! :) 
  You are still finding new things to get into everyday and your reach is getting longer!
 The biggest news is that you started walking this month!!!  At about 11.5 months you began to let go and take a step then stumble.  A few days before your birthday you were taking a few steps at a time.  By one week after your birthday, you were walking more than crawling.

On your last night as an 11 month old, you were fussy when I laid you down in your crib.  I decided to get you out and just rock you until you fell asleep in my arms.  I reflected over the last year and thanked God for all of it.  I was praying for you and I asked God to help me not just have the desire to pray prayers of safety and protection over you.  I felt like He told me to pray Hebrews 12:1 for you so that you would run the race set before you and that you would KEEP RUNNING.  My Caleb, as you run, mommy will always be there cheering you on!  

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